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We encourage drummers to trade in their used drum sets!  That means lots of great deals for you--at all times!  Sometimes we get some real gems! 

Mantova's prefers to offer only "brand names" for its used category.  The reason why is because many no-name brands have hard-to-find parts and have a questionable resale value.  Most of the used drumsets are the traditional 5 piece sets featuring a 22" Bass drum with two mounting toms.  

Occasionally there will be a 20" Bass kit on display as well.

Thanks to a large display showcasing drumsets, Mantova's has offered as many as 22 kits at one time.  Chances are there will be something that catches your eye!

As the price-points rise, Mantova's Two Street Music offers mostly 4 piece kits.  The drum industry believes that when you buy a $2500+ drumset, that you likely have already own a preferred snare drum.  Four piece kits would include the DW collector kits and the Yamaha Oak Live Custom.  

As a way of offering a unique experience, Mantova's has a commitment to offer the highest-end of the Peace Drums line up.  Typically, the Peace kits are quite large.  Currently Mantova's offers an eleven piece Paragon Drumset that features a double bass setup with a matching Octoban set with complimentary hardware consisted of the bass drum pedal, cymbal stands and more.  Mantova's Two Street Music has a powerful relationship with Peace and works hard to give the company a front row seat.

(The Yamaha Al Foster has SOLD!)

Yamaha Al Foster Signature Drum Kit

Yamaha "Hig-Gig" Al Foster Signature Drum Kit | Mantova's Two Street Music | 707 445 3155

Most music stores are small and might not be able to fit your drum set.  Mantova's Two Street Music does not have that problem!  Trading in your drum set might be the right decision.  There are some drum brands that do not have resale value, but most brands are fair game.  

Check out this video about trade-ins and how it works! 

Trade-In Values, Explained

How to Trade-in Your Musical Instrument | Mantova's Two Street Music | Buy Used Gear Now

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