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    Hailun wins Music Inc Magazine's Editors Choice award for NAMM 2018!
    Hailun Pianos captures another industry-wide win, the Music Inc Magazine's 'Editor's Choice' award!   Mantova's Two Street Music features a collection of Hailun Pianos from the affordable to the professional. We are open everyday and ready to answer your piano questions! ...[[{"fid":"1509","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Nick Mantova crashes the party!","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Nick Mantova crashes the Hailun party!"},"type":"media","field_deltas":{"2":{"format":"default...
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    MMR is a respected Music Industry Trade Magazine
    Mantova's Two Street Music now carries Hailun Acoustic Pianos, reports MMR Magazine!  Check out the awesome write-up! [[{"fid":"1229","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"MMR is respected Music insider magazine...