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  • Hailun HU-5P

Manufacturer Description: 

Designed for the larger studio, the HU 5P Professional Studio is powerful and yet well balanced with a colorful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Wurzen felt are the heart of the sound. Tuning and action stability are ensured with the multi-laminate maple pin block, bass agraffes, full perimeter wet sand cast plate, and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system. Special ebonized sharps and all wood action parts made of hornbeam from Europe give the pianist exceptional control. Slow-close fallboard and classic design add the finishing touch.

(You can view the Spec Sheet Here)

Mantova’s Take: 

There are two critical reasons why customers should consider spending a bit more for the HU-5p.  The duplex strings that deliver "grand piano-esqe" tones with every press of the key, and the fact that the HU-5P sports a removable aluminum keyboard that can be removed and replaced to assure that gravity does not damage the playability of your piano in 15-20 years!  There are of course additional benefits, but the higher cost is easily justified by these two items! 

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